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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of truck is the M1083 MTV?

General utility truck. The M1083 MTV or Medium Tactical Vehicle is available in many variants. During the late 1980s the US Army was looking for a new military truck family. The main emphasis was stressed on reliability, low unit and running costs, and long term efficiency.

What kind of engine does a M1083 have?

M-1083 or M1083A1 5 ton Medium Tactical Vehicle. The M-1083A1 variant, approved in 2000, features a more powerful diesel engine, a better transmission and brakes, added corrosion protection, computerized engine diagnostics, and beefier drive line engine/transmission/differential connection components.

What is the difference between M1083 and m1084?

M1083 - Cargo hauling vehicle; can be outfitted for troop transport when equippedwith a troopseat kit. M1084 - Cargo hauling vehicle; it is equipped with a Material Handling Crane (MHC). M1085 - Long Wheelbase (LWB) cargo hauling vehicle; can be outfitted for trooptransport when equipped with a troopseat kit.

What do the numbers mean on an m-1083 FMTV manual?

M-1083 FMTV Characteristics. Manuals for the M-1083 FMTV series of trucks are numbered TM 9-2320-366-xx where the xx represents the maintenance level. For the M1083A1 FMTV series of vehicles, the corresponding manuals are TM 9-2320-392-xx. All together there are dozens of manuals for the series of trucks.

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