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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vehicle is the FMTV m1083a1?

FMTV M1083A1 5.0 ton Standard Cargo KEY FEATURES Full-time all-wheel drive Fully automatic transmission Technical Manuals (TMs) U.S. Army proven ultra-reliability Family of 14+ vehicles with 80% commonality U.S. Army certified 22-year corrosion Highest proven reliability of any tactical vehicle

What is the difference between M1083 and m1084?

M1083 - Cargo hauling vehicle; can be outfitted for troop transport when equippedwith a troopseat kit. M1084 - Cargo hauling vehicle; it is equipped with a Material Handling Crane (MHC). M1085 - Long Wheelbase (LWB) cargo hauling vehicle; can be outfitted for trooptransport when equipped with a troopseat kit.

What's new in TM 10-5411-233-13&P?

TM 10-5411-233-13&P, 30 September 2002, is updated as follows: 1. File this sheet in front of the manual for reference. 2. This change implements Army Maintenance Transformation and changes the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) to support Field and Sustainment Maintenance. 3.

Who wrote TmTm 9-2320-366-10-2?

TM 9-2320-366-10-2 Author Doug Alexander Subject Technical Manual, Operator's Instructions, M1083 Series, 5-Ton, 6x6, Medium Tactical Vehicles (MTV)

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