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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of camera is the canon M50?

Introduction. The Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M in Asia) is an entry-level mirrorless camera that features an electronic viewfinder, fully articulating touchscreen, single control dial and a 24MP APS-C sensor – the same used by its M-series siblings. It has Canon's latest DIGIC 8 processor and offers expanded Dual Pixel AF coverage,...

What are the Mil Specs for the M50?

The M50 series is certified to MIL-SPEC PRF-EA-10003. The mask design features improve performance against chemical and biological agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and nuclear fallout.

What's the difference between the M50 and M51?

The M50/51 masks replace the M40 and M42, MCU-2/P series masks and the M45 of the Land Warrior Program. There are two mask variants: M50 (ground and shipboard use) and M51 (ground vehicle use).

What kind of mask is in the M50 series?

The M50 series protective mask consisting of the M50 and M51 variants, officially known as the Joint Service General Protective Mask (JSGPM) is a lightweight, protective mask system consisting of the mask, a mask carrier, and additional accessories.

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