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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Mabi?

MABI is a national automotive company engaged primarily in the supply of electric vehicles and its supporting industries, including manufacturing, distribution, spare parts and supporting infrastructure for electric vehicles. Currently MABI has 7 subsidiaries, consist of: General TNI (retired) Dr. Moeldoko was born on 8 July 1957.

What does MAB Corporation do for the community?

MAB partners with acclaimed architects, the Victorian Government, local government and communities to create quality residences for generations of Melburnians to enjoy. MAB’s commercial developments transform suburbs into employment hubs by creating diverse, innovative and efficient places for people to do business.

What does Mab investment management do in Melbourne?

MAB’s Business Parks are transforming suburbs into employment hubs by creating flexible and efficient places for small and large businesses to operate. MAB Investment Management is responsible for both property funds and corporate assets that together include offices, shopping centres and industrial properties.

How long has Mab been a property developer?

For more than 25 years, MAB has delivered exceptional developments from grass roots communities, inspired city skylines to thriving commercial and industrial projects. We take great pride in shaping the fabric of Melbourne’s built environment and standby our legacy of originality, quality and excellence.

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