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Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff does our commodities and global markets have?

Our Commodities and Global Markets group has over 1,900 staff in 29 markets who provide products and services to clients exposed to commodities and financial markets.

How do I contact Macquarie for further information about mblelectricity?

For further information or enquiries about these activities, please contact 02 8232 3324 or [email protected] Note: The provision of this standard contract serves as a regulatory default option only.

What is the commodities and global markets podcast?

The Macquarie Podcast Series featuring Commodities and Global Markets (CGM) is aimed at giving students a greater understanding of CGM and some of the interesting careers our team members have had. Energy Risk Awards 2020. Platts Q4 – December 2020. At March 2021 in the Specialised and Asset Finance division.

Why commodities and global markets?

Commodities and Global Markets has been active in agricultural commodities for more than 30 years, providing financing, liquidity risk management, structured finance and physical solutions for producers, consumers, trade houses and investors.

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