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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ESG important to the Macquarie Group?

Assessing and managing Macquarie-wide ESG risks is a key business priority and an important component of our broader risk management framework, detailed in the Risk Management Report. Under the Code of Conductall staff share responsibility for identifying and managing environmental and social issues as part of normal business practice.

What does Macquarie mean by environmental, social and governance?

Macquarie’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment reflects our responsibility to clients, shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Clear dialogue with our stakeholders is important to building strong relationships, maintaining trust and enhancing business performance.

What are the focus areas of Macquarie Group?

Macquarie’s ESG approach is structured around focus areas considered to be material to our business. Building on our principles of opportunity, accountability and integrity, these focus areas reflect the risks and opportunities identified by the business and the issues of interest to our stakeholders.

What does the environmental and social risk team at Macquarie do?

Macquarie’s Environmental and Social Risk (ESR) team coordinates a diverse range of ESG activities across business groups and regions, including developing and implementing Macquarie-wide and business-specific policies, conducting transaction reviews, providing advice on ESG risks and opportunities and facilitating training.

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