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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation (MIC) announce?

NEW YORK, Jun 15, 2021--Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation (NYSE: MIC) ("MIC" or "the Company") today announced the culmination of its strategic alternatives process by signing a merger agreement with an affiliate of Argo Infrastructure Partners, LP ("Argo").

What does Macquarie Infrastructure's asset sale to KKR mean for investors?

Macquarie Infrastructure made a massive move as it continues to unwind itself. The asset sale to KKR will unload the bulk of the entity's remaining assets. Some additional upside might still exist for shareholders, but the amount is unlikely to be significant in nature.

Is Macquarie being used to fraudulently solicit payments?

We have received reports that Macquarie’s name is being used to fraudulently solicit payments from investors. If you’ve been affected, please email our Global Security team at [email protected] or contact your local regulator or authority. Learn more about security and fraud.

Why invest in infrastructures?

Infrastructure businesses tend to be large scale and capital intensive. They employ long-lived, high-value physical assets that serve, in part, to create a privileged position in their respective markets. These attributes also serve to protect operating margins throughout market cycles, enabling MIC to produce generally growing levels of cash flow.

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