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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Macquarie Island located in the world?

The Macquarie Island is geographically positioned about 1,500 km to the southeast of the principal island of Tasmania, approximately midway between the island nation of New Zealand and the continent of Antarctica.

Why is Macquarie Island a World Heritage Site?

Macquarie Island is a site of outstanding geological and natural significance and was awarded World Heritage status in 1997, forming a second Tasmanian World Heritage Area. More information on Tasmanian World Heritage areas can be found on our World Heritage Area ​page.

When did Macquarie Island become part of Tasmania?

Since 1900, Macquarie Island was a part of Tasmania, Australia according to politics. In 1978, Macquarie Island earned the status as a Tasmanian State Reverse. In 1997, it was included in the list of World Heritage UNESCO. Until 1993, it became a part of Esperance Municipality.

Is it worth it to go to Macquaire Island?

While Macquaire Island is difficult to get to and very isolated, it is one of the most intense wildlife experiences to be had anywhere in the world. The penguin species alone make this lonely outpost worth the visit and we were blessed with sunshine which was a real treat.

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