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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the headquarters of the Macquarie Group?

During the decade, Macquarie also launched its private banking and residential mortgages businesses and established a number of real estate and investment trusts. 50 Martin Place, Macquarie Group's global headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

What are the operating groups of Macquarie Bank?

In addition to the principal operating groups, Macquarie has a network of support groups including: Corporate Operations Group, Financial Management Group, Legal and Governance Group and Risk Management Group.

What does business services division at Macquarie do?

It helps them achieve growth and operational effectiveness, and facilitates Macquarie's annual corporate strategy process. Business Services Division is responsible for the strategic direction, implementation and ongoing management of Macquarie's workplaces, business resilience and sourcing and vendor management.

What does RMG enterprise support do for Macquarie?

RMG Enterprise Support also supports Group-wide risk training and risk surveillance. Internal Audit provides independent and objective risk-based assurance on compliance with, and effectiveness of, Macquarie’s financial and risk management framework.

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