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Frequently Asked Questions

How many in Mah-Jong playing pieces?

A set of Mah Jong tiles consists of 144 tiles typically around 30 x 20 x 15mm. Traditionally, they are made from bone or ivory but modern sets are usually plastic. The tiles comprise: 36 Circle tiles in 4 sets of 9 tiles numbered 1- 9. The picture on each shows the appropriate number of circles.

Do Americans play mahjong?

At least 365,000 play the National Mah Jongg League way of play in the USA, where there is also another American way of play: Wright-Patterson. Many Chinese in the States play several different version of the game as well. 345,000,000 million play the game in Asia, tho I think most of them are in China. I can say some Americans play Mahjong.

Can I play mahjong online with friends?

You can just share a link and start playing mahjong together. You do need to do all the scoring yourself though since it doesn't have all the automatic bells and whistles that comes often with online mahjong though. Something to consider. We are working on it and very excited about progress.

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