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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Mai look like in real life?

Mai is a fairly tall woman with blue eyes and long black hair with bangs. She is often seen wearing red eye shadow and lipstick. Mai usually wears a teal trench coat with a red star insignia on each shoulder, a brown belt with a pistol holster attached to it from the right hip, beige slacks, and brown combat boots.

What did mai do to support her father?

Regardless, she continued to support his rule, helping to put down uprisings and conspiracies instigated by her father and Azula. Mai as a child in the Fire Nation palace garden. Mai was born to Ukano and Michi in the Fire Nation. She was an only child for thirteen years and was given whatever she wanted, as long as she behaved.

Is Mai in love with Future Trunks?

However, after meeting Future Trunks, she developed romantic feelings for him, deeply caring about his well being. Mai has a maternal side, which she retains even in her renewed youth. It comes into play with baby Pan's safety and being understanding of Bulma's pregnancy being past it's due date.

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