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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my email not showing pictures?

One cause of images not displaying in Outlook email is a corrupt Temporary Internet Files (TIF) folder (a second symptom is the TIF size is set to 0 in Internet Options). This seems to be more common after IE is installed.

How do you send a picture to an email?

To send a photo or photos as email attachments, click on the "Photo Email" option and select "Send photos as attachments.". Use the radio buttons to select the photo size to send. Click "Attach" to open a new message in your default email program with the photo or photos already attached.

How do you show images on email?

Display Pictures in One Message. While viewing the email you want to see the images in, click the InfoBar at the top of the message, and then click Download Pictures.. If you're viewing this message in the Reading Pane, the images will always display when you view the email later.

How do you add an image to email?

Click on an area in the message where you wish to insert an image. Head to the "Insert" tab, then go to "Illustrations.". Click "Picture," and locate the picture file you want to insert into the e-mail.

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