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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a Tesla?

A report in Seeking Alpha says replacing a quarter panel on a Tesla Model S costs as much as $18,000 versus, which is more than a lot of people pay for a new car.

How much does a Tesla Model 3 battery cost?

So to answer the question on the price of the Tesla Model 3's battery, the cost per kWh is at $150 which equates to $7,500 of this model's battery pack. It can go lower as the design and technology catch up. Costs of building this model will improve, and so will the overall price of the vehicle and its battery.

What are the options for Tesla Model 3?

Over the weekend, Tesla confirmed a new series of options for the Model 3 after confirming last week that they plan to limit the number of configurations to fewer than 100 compared to the Model S’ more than 1,500 different configurations. They confirmed that there will be two wheel size options, an optional glass roof, and coil suspension.

How much is a Tesla 3?

The Standard Tesla Model 3 will start from $35,000 and that nets you a range of 220 miles, a zero-to-60 mph time of 5.6 seconds, and a top speed of 130 mph. As for charging, the Standard model gets about 130 miles of range per 30 minutes on a Supercharger or 30 miles of range per hour on a home 240V outlet with 32A.

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