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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must haves in a makerspace?

Nine Must-Have Makerspace Tools: Soldering Iron - This is a hot item in the Makerspace! ... Vice - We all depend on vices from time to time to support our desires. ... Glue Gun - The great thing about a glue gun is the instant gratification you get from making one thing stick to another in seconds. ... Knife Cutter - Sometimes scissors just don't cut it! ... More items...

What can you do in a makerspace?

Here are just some of the things you can do in a makerspace : Coding 3d printing Laser cutting Soldering Electronics / Arduino Robot building / Robotics Learn Circuits and Electricity with paper circuits Sewing Wood working Take-a-part sessions More items...

What is the purpose of a makerspace?

The purpose of Makerspace for Education is to provide educators with a hands-on, creative, user friendly, “anytime, anyplace”, professional development tool that can be used as part of a community of practice.

What makes a great makerspace?

Dougherty and other maker movement advocates have identified three common elements of successful makerspaces: They promote learning through play and experimentation. They're cross-disciplinary, with elements of art, science and craftsmanship. They offer tools and materials that encourage students to create rather than consume.

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