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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make audio gradually get louder using Audacity?

Open Audacity or another program and use the "File" menu to locate and import the sound file you want to hear louder. Select the entire file by clicking "Edit" then "Select" and "all.". Click on the "Effect" menu and choose "Amplify.". Select an amount to amplify by in decibels or use a slider to move the volume up.

What is the best sound software for PC?

List Of Best Audio Editing Software For PC. 1. Adobe Audition. 2. Avid Pro Tools. 3. Reaper Editor. 4. Audacity. 5. Wavosaur. 6. Wavepad. 7. Acoustica Mixcraft Audio Editor. 8. PreSonus Studio One. 9. Sound Forge Audio Studio 10. 10. Ardour.

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