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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "many mansions" really mean?

"Many mansions." In King James' day, a "mansion" was a room , not a huge, fancy house. Today most translations say "many dwelling places" (NRSV), or "plenty of room," as the TNIV helpfully puts it. Jesus' central meaning is this: There is plenty of room with God.

How many bedrooms does a mansion usually have?

Referring to the number of bedrooms a mansion should have, experts suggest that there should not be less than six bedrooms and the upper limit has no boundaries. Besides a good number of bedrooms for all the family members and servants, the dwelling must have several other rooms to give it a regal touch.

What is considered a mansion?

A mansion is typically a large home with various recreational and luxury amenities. The term 'mansion' typically refers to a very large home, and often implies luxury and wealth. Older mansions in Europe often had ballrooms. Mansions often have on-site recreational amenities like bowling alleys.

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