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Frequently Asked Questions

How do mantras Calm Your Mind?

All you need to do is chant the mantra in your mind. It acts as a vehicle upon which the attention gently rests and gradually helps in settling in silence. When you think about the mantra, the mantra goes deep into your mind and provides that sphere with attention and silence. This is how it acts as a vehicle to calm down the mind.

Can mantras help with post-traumatic stress?

ScienceDaily reports that repeating mantras can help control the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), have a calming effect in traffic and even ease the boredom of exercise, according to a study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. Eighty-three per cent ( 83%) of veterans and hospital staff surveyed after a five-week mantra course told researchers from the US Department of Veterans Affairs that they found the technique -- which involves silently and continuously repeating ...

Can meditation calm your stress?

Meditation has many benefits. It reduces stress, increases calm and focus, and promotes greater physical and emotional well-being. Anyone can do it, and the rewards can come quickly.

What are mantras for depression?

Mantras for Depression Mantras for Depression. Depression is a state of mind that can push down the morale of the person to the lowest levels. ... Mantras for Depression. ... Sankata Nashana Ganesh Stotram. ... Ganesh Stotram - 1 for Depression. ... Ganesh Stotram - 2 - for Depression. ... Ganesh Stotram - 3. ... Ganesh Stotram - 4. ... Ganesh Stotram - 5. ... Ganesh Stotram - 6. ...

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