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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk about Mantra in one piece?

Mantra can be discussed on the "Observation" haki section once that's up. Plus, the Mantra article is too small to merit standing by itself. Even if it IS an important part of the Skypiea saga, one could argue that Haki is an important part of OP as a whole.

Is the Haki in one piece the same as mantra?

Later, Silvers Rayleigh explained Haki to Luffy and confirmed that Mantra and Haki are one and the same, and that "Mantra" is simply Skypiea 's name for the ability.

Who are the priests in one piece one piece?

The priests were the four men who served directly under Enel. They were his strongest followers and, short of Enel himself, the greatest threat to the Straw Hat Pirates during the Skypiea arc. Enel seemed to possess little to no care for them, while they seemed to genuinely respect their leader and his power.

Can a mantra user be swallowed by a larger creature?

In the unique circumstance of being swallowed by a larger creature and still being alive, the Mantra user will only be able to sense the larger energy signature. Similarly, a Mantra user trapped inside a larger creature is unable to sense what is happening outside.

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