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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a mantrap door be used for?

Mantrap door, airlock or sally port is an interlocking security door system designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel. Can be used in a stand-alone structure or used in conjunction with a building access system.

What do you need to know about a mantrap?

A mantrap is a small room with an entry door on one wall and an exit door on the opposite wall. One door of a mantrap cannot be unlocked and opened until the opposite door has been closed and locked. Mantraps are most often used in physical security to separate non-secure areas from secure areas and prevent unauthorized access.

What kind of company is Mantrap systems DC?

S DC specializes in the manufacturing of safety and security access control hardware products and engineering for mantrap system, airlock sytem and communciating bathroom system needs.

Can a mantrap system be used for SDC?

Select from standard systems and access hardware to ensure that doors may be locked or unlocked only when the proper conditions exist. Or provide SDC with your special requirements large or small, and we will engineer a mantrap system for you.

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