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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are mantras important in the spiritual world?

Mantras can tame and disarm the ego, which frequently impedes us from accessing our true spiritual nature at any given moment. Mantras have been used for thousands and thousands of years because they are extremely powerful and effective.

How do mantras work in the Mind Body Spirit triad?

HJ: Mantras have many modes of action in the mind-body-spirit triad. On a mental level, they work as affirmations of ones own higher consciousness and divinity, which can work to replace limiting beliefs that do not serve ones highest good.

Is it possible for a mantra to heal you?

Even though you may not fully feel or believe your mantra to begin with, the more you say it and the more you allow it into your life, the greater chance it will have to heal you. During my readings and coaching sessions I always tell people to ‘fake it until they make it’.

Can a mantra be written on a wall?

Mantras can also be written daily or placed on a wall poster in a space that you can read it often. Studies have shown that believing is 90% of the healing journey, so even if you don’t believe at first, your persistence will pay off. 1.)

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