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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in Britain before 1066?

Britain before 1066 This chapter covers the period of time from the dawn of civilization in Britain (around 4000 BC) up to the Norman conquest. It is a period that is largely ignored in British history books, apart from the Roman invasion and occupation.

What does this map show England after the Norman Conquest?

This map shows England after the Norman Conquest (1066–1071), and is color–coded to show the possessions of William I, and the territories dependent on William I, but under the rule of prince–bishops and earls.

What was the Anglo-Saxon society pre-1066?

Anglo-Saxon society pre-1066 The Anglo-Saxons migrated to Britain around 400 AD. Soon they were dominant throughout England and by 900 AD they had established four powerful kingdoms.

When did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?

Saxons and other tribes start to arrive in Britain from 550 AD. This maps shows the areas in which they settle. The seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Several modern counties still use their Saxon names. In 1065 the areas of England had been merged into larger states.

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