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Frequently Asked Questions

How many stages are there in the 2021 Tour de France?

The 2021 Tour de France route is composed of eight flat stages, five hilly stages, and six mountain stages -- including three that finish at altitude. There will also be two individual time trial stages, something that hasn't happened in the Tour de France since 2017.

Where is the Tour de France 2020 taking place?

While last year's Tour de France took place almost entirely in the eastern half of France, the 2020 Tour will be almost all in the southern half of the country and will not involve any stages outside France.

How many new mountains are there in the new Tour de France?

In the following order of appearance: Alps, Massif central, Pyrenees, Jura and Vosges. There will be four new climbs: Col de la Lusette and Suc au May in the Massif central, Col de la Hourcère in the Pyrenees and Col de la Loze in the Alps as well as the one to the Col de la Madeleine by a sinuous road.

What is the Ven-two stage at the Tour de France?

It’s a sprint-heavy Tour route this year with a potential eight stages for a bunch gallop, which might produce a rare green jersey win for a pure sprinter. That being said, there’s still plenty for the grimpeurs to grapple with, including a double ascent of Mont Ventoux, in what Eurosport UK is referring to as the Ven-Two stage.

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