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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are arrested for simple possession of marijuana each year?

Though the US marijuana legalization movement has made enormous gains in the past decade, anywhere between half a million to three-quarters of a million arrests are still made for simple possession each year. These arrests disproportionately fall on Black individuals even though white people use cannabis at comparable rates across the US.

Did marijuana decriminalization reduce arrests in Missouri?

While on the whole marijuana arrests declined in decriminalized states, some, like Missouri, actually saw more arrests after decriminalization. The war on marijuana, and on drugs more broadly, is rooted in racial oppression.

Can you get arrested for smoking marijuana in a legal state?

After all, even in states that legalized marijuana people can still be arrested for various cannabis offenses, such as possessing over a certain quantity, selling without a license, smoking in a prohibited area, or underage possession.

Why was the massive Los Angeles County pot grow bust so big?

The massive bust was partly in response to residents’ complaints of water being stolen, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said during a news conference in Lancaster. The largest grow discovered Tuesday had more than 70 greenhouses over 10 acres, with an estimated marijuana crop worth $50 million.

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