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Frequently Asked Questions

Can police in Maryland arrest people based on smell of marijuana?

Maryland’s highest court has issued another ruling that limits the ability of police to cite marijuana as a reason to arrest and search people, saying officers may not arrest people based on the smell of marijuana alone.

Is it legal to possess marijuana in Maryland?

While marijuana has not yet been fully legalized in Maryland, the state has enacted medical marijuana laws, and small amounts of personal possession are decriminalized. Possession of 10 grams of marijuana or less is decriminalized in Maryland and is subject to a civil fine of no more than $100.

How much marijuana can a police officer legally search you for?

It builds on a ruling last summer by the same court that an officer could not arrest and search someone based on an observation of an amount of marijuana that is fewer than 10 grams, which is within the range that was decriminalized in 2014.

Can I be arrested for smelling marijuana without a warrant?

Arresting and searching a person, without a warrant and based exclusively on the odor of marijuana on that person’s body or breath, is unreasonable and does violence to the fundamental privacy expectation in one’s body; the same concerns do not attend the search of a vehicle.”

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