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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start to notice internodes on a cannabis plant?

During the seedling stage, the baby plant is literally finding its feet. Only as the infant plant begins to transition to vegetative growth does the cannabis grower begins to notice nodes and internode spacing. More so, as the vegetative stage progresses.

Why are the internodal spacing of my plants so big?

The diligent grower regularly checks for growth on the nodes even if he/she is cultivating from feminized seeds, just in case. Stretchy growth and large internodal spacing are not always due to genetics. Wide temperature fluctuations and lights either too weak or too far away from plants can cause plant stretching.

What kind of node does a cannabis plant have?

Typically, plants develop fewer nodes with large internodal spaces between sets of branches. Of course, hybrids will exhibit a mix of both indica and sativa traits. Some will lean towards the indica side, others to the sativa side.

What happens to the internodes of a plant?

When the plant can photosynthesize at its desired rate, the hormones will decrease and the growth rate will return to normal. However, if light levels continue to be low at the taller heights, the plant will continue to exhibit long internodes.

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