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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any turnaround plays in the cannabis industry?

When it comes to cannabis stocks, there's always a few turnaround plays that might be tempting targets for investment.As the marijuana industry grows globally, more than a couple of companies have overextended themselves by building so much output capacity that they outpaced demand.

How big is the marijuana recall in Michigan?

The company at the center of what is considered Michigan's largest ever marijuana recall filed a lawsuit Monday against the state's marijuana regulatory agency. The recall issued last week impacts more than 400 sales locations throughout Michigan and represents an estimated $229 million in cannabis products, according to the lawsuit.

Is it unthinkable that we are still fighting to legalize marijuana?

“It is unthinkable to me that in a state where voters legalized marijuana, we are still fighting at a legislative level to expunge these decriminalized offenses in a timely manner,” Gomez, a Democrat from Springfield, said.

What was the vote on legalizing marijuana in Toms River?

Toms River resident Laurie Singer was one of several township residents who expressed disappointment at the council's decision. She said the council is ignoring the will of township residents. In a 2020 referendum, 63.7% of township voters supported legalizing recreational marijuana.

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