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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Virginia legalize marijuana?

Despite some very high levels of support for medical and marijuana legalization by Virginians, Virginia is still one of the strictest states in the union for marijuana because of the very harsh penalties for possession and sale of marijuana. There is currently no legislation pending to legalize medical or recreational marijuana.

What are the next States to legalize marijuana?

Measures to regulate marijuana like alcohol have now passed in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. All four states did so via the ballot initiative process. The state that will most likely be next to legalize is Rhode Island, which would be the first to do so via state legislature.

Is cannabis legal in Virginia?

Technically, in Virginia, medical marijuana is legal, and has been since 1979. In 1979, the Virginia General Assembly passed the following law: Virginia Code § 18.2-251.1.

Are there dispensaries in Virginia?

The state of Virginia allowed the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries in October of 2020, after the passing of bill SB 976. There are now a limited number of dispensaries in the state. More dispensaries will open over the course of 2021, capping at a total of 30.

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