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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Maronda homes a good home builder?

Maronda offered us not only the size of house we were looking for but also the quality. The choices and options available to us allowed us to personalize our home to suit our family perfectly while maintaining affordability. -Katheryn, Maronda Homeowner

Where are Maronda homes located in Pittsburgh PA?

Maronda Homes, proudly headquartered in Western PA, is a premier new home builder in the Pittsburgh area. Since 1972, Maronda has built quality new construction homes at an affordable price, with unparalleled attention to customer service. With over 30 communities located throughout the Pittsburgh region, Maronda has options for every buyer.

When did Maronda homes start building in Palm Coast?

We can only write about our own experience with Maronda Homes in FL. From the moment we met with Heather the sales director to the end of building our dream home in Palm Coast it was an outstanding customer service. We signed the contract on Livorno model in June 2019.

Who is the mortgage agent for Maronda homes?

She is as genuine as it gets and extremely determined. As for the original “in-home” lender we used with (FBC MORTGAGE) we had an agent by the name of Todd ** who wasn’t pleasant whatsoever, he didn’t care how he delivered the message I guess because In his eyes “business is business”, or probably just prejudice.

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