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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Maronda homes in Orlando Florida?

Maronda offers modern, open floor plan designs with different options to choose from to make your new home exactly as you envisioned. Orlando offers the best of everything. You likely know it as the Theme Park Capital of the World, the home of iconic destinations like Walt Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort, LEGOLAND Florida and many more.

Who is the builder of Maronda homes in South Carolina?

Maronda Homes offers scattered lot living all throughout its Southern... Home Builder or Tech Company, Maronda Homes enhances the home building... I know that people are normally quick to complain, and reluctant to compliment, which is why I wanted to send this email.

How long does it take to build a Maronda home?

From the moment we met with Heather the sales director to the end of building our dream home in Palm Coast it was an outstanding customer service. We signed the contract on Livorno model in June 2019. It was going to take 12 months to complete the project but the house was done in 10 months.

Who is the mortgage agent for Maronda homes?

She is as genuine as it gets and extremely determined. As for the original “in-home” lender we used with (FBC MORTGAGE) we had an agent by the name of Todd ** who wasn’t pleasant whatsoever, he didn’t care how he delivered the message I guess because In his eyes “business is business”, or probably just prejudice.

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