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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pizza is at Maroni's Pizza House?

Try their round and square with the orange cheese. I prefer sausage and pepperoni. Crust is unique and the cheese and sauce will impress any pizza lover. A must have if your in the Taylor area.

Where to get the best pizza in Scranton?

Start your review of Maroni's Pizza House. Stopped in from out of town to grab some Pizza and we picked the best spot in Scranton!! The cheese literally melts in your mouth! Topped with some sausage, this place is a must if you're in the Scranton area!! Great local pizza joint serving old forge style pizza.

When is Maroni's going to be back in business?

What's Happening Now! WE ARE BACK!!! We will be open for business starting Wednesday, May 20, 2020. We will be serving Takeout Only. Please note, we will be following the same restrictions we were following prior to closing - customers will be served one at a time.

When to get a Maroni's pizza gift certificate?

Birthdays, holidays, special events - Maroni's has gift certificates for all occasions. Available in-store and throughout the entire year, it's the perfect gift for pizza lovers of all ages! Stop by and pick up a gift certificate today!

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