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Frequently Asked Questions

What do marrowfat beans taste like?

The Marrowfat plant produces four to five inch-long pods that are yellowish-white and contain 4 white, egg-shaped beans. The young flattened green pods are sweet and tender when young. The creamy texture of these plump seeds is conducive to being pureed. These heirloom beans have a meaty, bacon-like flavor.

How to grow marrowfat pea seeds?

STEP 1: Find a source for Marrowfat Pea Seeds such as the ones listed on this site. STEP 2: Soak the beans to get them started: Your stash of dried marrowfat peas will be very dry when you remove them from the package. It is recommended to soak them in filtered water overnight for 12 hours.

How long does it take for marrowfat beans to grow?

Marrowfat Bean. The Marrowfat bean is a rare bush bean that was first popularized in the mid-1800s as a baking bean. They can be directly sown after the last frost and will reach maturity in 81-90 days.

How big does a marrowfat plant get?

The plants reach 18-24 inches in height and have a white bloom. Though predominately consumed in casseroles and stews, the Marrowfat has a dual-purpose as it is also used as a fresh shelling bean.

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