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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cook dried marrowfat peas?

There are two ways to prepare your dried marrowfat peas. Simply soak them in tepid water overnight (about 8 hours) or, alternatively, boil them up in a pan of water for 3 minutes, and then cover and simmer for a further 45 to 60 minutes until the peas are tender. Don’t even think about eating raw soaked peas.

Can I substitute frozen baby peas for marrowfat peas?

If you cannot find marrowfat peas, substitute frozen baby peas. Skip the soaking and proceed directly to the stovetop boil. Cook the peas according to the package directions, then mash them to achieve the classic mushy peas texture. Add salt and pepper and optional flavorings as desired.

How many calories are in a cup of marrowfat peas?

Marrowfat peas - peas dried naturally in the field and then harvested - are the main ingredient in the English dish mushy peas, often served with fish and chips. This pub mainstay can be duplicated in your own kitchen. 1 cup of dried marrowfat peas contains approximately 100 calories, 13 grams of fiber and .3 grams of fat,...

What to do with mushy peas?

This inventive pie from Jenny Chandler uses mushy peas as the heart of a comforting winter pie that makes a meal in itself or imposing side dish. Spice up your Classic Mushy Peas with Jenny's Chandler quick but delicious recipe to add a little Moorish pizzazz to good old British marrowfat peas.

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