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Frequently Asked Questions

How big does a marrowfat plant get?

The plants reach 18-24 inches in height and have a white bloom. Though predominately consumed in casseroles and stews, the Marrowfat has a dual-purpose as it is also used as a fresh shelling bean.

What are marrowfat peas used for?

They are used to make mushy peas, and also the snack food wasabi peas. Marrowfat peas with a good green colour are exported from The UK to the Middle East and Japan for the snack food market, while paler peas are used for canning. Those with thin skins and a soft texture are ideal for making mushy peas.

What is the best way to grow marrowfat?

An onion and a few marrowfat peas rolled out, and the little girl, kneeling beside him, eyed him sternly. On fairly warm soils the first opportunity should be taken to sow one of the early dwarf marrowfat varieties in the open ground. The cause of my quarrel with Marrowfat I never breathed to mortal soul for four years.

What is the origin of the word 'marrowfat'?

The word was coined around 1730 from marrow and fat. Another source says the peas were named because people wanted plump ( fat) peas of the Maro variety, a Japanese variety introduced to the UK 100 years ago; this is unlikely, as the first English usage of "marrowfat" to refer to peas predates the introduction...

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