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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find Marten in the world?

See Article History. Alternative Title: Martes. Marten, any of several weasel-like carnivores of the genus Martes (family Mustelidae), found in Canada and parts of the United States and in the Old World from Europe to the Malay region.

What kind of family does a marten belong to?

Mustelidae Family – Martens have a number of relatives in the Mustelidae family. They share this taxonomic family with weasels, otters, badgers, wolverines, and minks. Tree Cat – In some areas, martens are known as “tree cats” for their ability to climb trees.

Is the American marten the same as the Pacific Marten?

The Pacific marten ( Martes caurina) was formerly thought to be conspecific, but genetic studies support both being distinct species from one another. The Pacific marten has a longer snout and a broader cranium than the American marten.

What kind of fur does a marten have?

Animals Network Team The marten is a small member of the weasel, or Mustelidae, family. These creatures have thick brown or tan fur, which makes them the target of hunters and trappers. This hunting pressure varies depending on the species.

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