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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Martinsburg College offer distance education?

As educational technology improved, Martinsburg College was able to capitalize on decades of in-school experience and introduced high quality distance education programs. Currently, all of Martinsburg College’s programs utilize distance education delivery.

How do I contact Martinsburg college's admissions officer?

To learn more about Martinsburg College and speak to an admissions officer, please call us today at (304) 263-6262, or fill out the form on our contact page. Is Online Career Training Right for You?

Why choose martmartinsburg College?

Martinsburg College seeks to provide high quality, relevant, and affordable distance learning programs to individuals who want to improve their personal and professional development and career growth opportunities. The institutional goals are: Maintain high quality, relevant, educational programs for which there is a demand.

Does Martinsburg College charge room and board?

Even though Martinsburg College is a fully distance learning institution, we are permitted by federal regulations to include reasonable cost for living expenses (room and board). However, the room cost is excluded for students who live in military housing or receive a military housing stipend.

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