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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Martinsburg college students qualify for need-based grants?

Students attending Martinsburg College may qualify for need-based grants. A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. Pell grants are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and who have not yet earned a bachelors or professional degree.

How do I contact Martinsburg College?

Martinsburg College341 Aikens CenterMartinsburg, WV 25404For Admissions call (304) 263-6262For all other inquiries call (304) 945-0660Leave us a message »Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved. The Association for Health Care Documentation Integrity

Why martmartinsburg College?

Martinsburg College offers a wide variety of certificates and associate degree programs including homeland security, healthcare, information technology, finance, telecommunications and electronics, and general business.

Does Martinsburg College charge room and board?

Even though Martinsburg College is a fully distance learning institution, we are permitted by federal regulations to include reasonable cost for living expenses (room and board). However, the room cost is excluded for students who live in military housing or receive a military housing stipend.

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