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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ethics does Marxism believe in?

Marxist ethics. Marxism–Leninism believes that morality, like other forms of ideology, is of a class character and is manifested in people’s behaviour in different ways in different historical conditions in accordance with the interests of what classes or social strata a person advocates.

How is what is right or wrong determined by Marxism?

What is right or wrong is determined by what is best for this evolution. If the bourgeois class hinders either biological or social evolution, nature dictates the removal of that class. Marxist Ethics – The Evolution of Morality. The inevitability of change is the cornerstone of Marxist ethics.

Is there an absolute foundation for Marxist ethics?

While there is no absolute foundation for Marxist ethical ideals, most Marxists believe the dialectical view of the class struggle is foundation enough. According to the Marxist dialectic, everything in the universe—including society—is in a state of constant change.

When do Marxists say there is no moral system that fits all times?

The ever-changing nature of history will dictate a new moral view for Marxists. When Marxists say there is no system of morality that fits all times, they include the future in their philosophy, realizing that history will change our perceptions of life again after our present aims are attained.

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