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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the principles of Marxism?

Here are the basic principles of Marxism: • Opposition to an economic system based on inequality and on the alienation and exploitation of the majority (by means of the system of wage labor), a system whose purpose is to obtain profits for some people rather than satisfying the needs of all.

What does Marxism teach?

Marxism uses a methodology, now known as historical materialism, to analyze and critique the development of class society and especially of capitalism as well as the role of class struggles in systemic economic, social, and political change.

How does Marxist thinking is seeping into the church?

How Marxist Thinking Is Seeping into the Church A growing trend among Christian thinkers is adopting Marxist-type ideals for political and cultural interaction. One example of this is the acceptance and use of the term, social justice. Written by Jacob Brunton | Thursday, September 13, 2018

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