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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic ideas of Marxism?

Marxism is the name for a set of political and economic ideas. The core ideas are that the world is divided into classes, the workers and the richer capitalists who exploit the workers, there is a class conflict that should ultimately result in socialism (workers own means of production), and then communism (stateless, classless society).

What does a Marxist believe in?

Marxists believe that human society is based on material forces. In other words, in order for any human society to exist, humans must produce the necessities of life which enable us to survive: food, shelter, water, etc.

What are the beliefs of Marxism?

Marxism is an ideology developed by Karl Marx together with his communist colleagues. In Marxism, the core belief is that the capitalist state (the bourgeoisie) should be removed completely and replaced with a socialist society that will be governed by a dictatorship of the working class.

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