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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders of the Marxist Internet Archive?

Marxists Internet Archive (also known as MIA or is a non-profit website that hosts a multilingual library (created in 1990) of the works of Marxist, communist, socialist, and anarchist writers, such as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg, Che Guevara,...

Is there an Internet Archive of Marx and Engels?

The forerunner of Marxists Internet archive was the Marx-Engels Archive, available on the Internet since 1993. The archive was created in 1990 by a person — known only by his Internet tag, Zodiac — who started archiving Marxist texts by transcribing the works of Marx and Engels into E-text, starting with the Communist Manifesto.

Who are the people that say Marxism is a movement?

The attack has been made in recent weeks by Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer; Ben Carson, Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development; conservative talk show host Mark Levin; and PragerU, which has more than 4 million Facebook followers. Aren’t sure what Marxism is, actually?

Who is the owner of website?

By 1996 the website,, was hosted by a commercial ISP. This was followed by an increased activity from the volunteers. In the following years, however, a conflict developed between the volunteers working on the website and Zodiac, who retained control of the project and domain name.

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