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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as a masochist?

But there are also less healthy types of masochism that manifest in people's personal and professional lives. The psychological masochist is someone who looks for ways to torment themselves in their day-to-day.

Can a narcissist be a masochist and an echoist?

Narcissists can be charismatic, compelling, magnetic, and hard to avoid. But if you keep walking straight into that trap over and over, you're definitely a masochist—and an echoist, aka the opposite of a narcissist who's always falling for them.

Why do masochists like to be in abusive relationships?

You may be attracted to abusive relationships where you continue to be humiliated and shamed. Enduring this pain, and not showing that it hurts, is the masochist’s way of maintaining some sense of pride in the self. You feel trapped in endless cycles of self-defeat.

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