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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a psychological masochist?

The psychological masochist is someone who looks for ways to torment themselves in their day-to-day. For how to know if someone is a masochist, here are common masochistic behaviors, traits, and tendencies. 1. You can't say no.

What is masochistic personality disorder in the DSM?

The DSM-I and DSM-II included a diagnostic category for the masochistic personality. The DSM-III and DSM-III-R relabeled masochistic personality and included it as a personality disorder under the label "self-defeating personality disorder."

What is the difference between masochism and animal behaviour?

In summation, while masochism seems to fly in the face of the most basic rule of animal behaviour – seek pleasure and avoid pain – it is really entirely consistent with it. It’s just that the pleasure sought is initiated by pain. This entry was posted in Articles by MJB.

Why do therapists deny the presence of masochism?

Often a therapist or significant other or caregiver may deny the presence of the hostility underlying overt masochism because they are threatened by their own sadism (Asch, 1988). The masochistic individual has extremely high internal standards of success, is perfectionistic, and constantly falls short.

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