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Frequently Asked Questions

What does being a masochist mean?

A masochist is an individual who takes pleasure in the experience of physical or emotional pain. Masochists often rely on this pain for sexual gratification. Masochists are said to suffer from a psychiatric condition called masochism. The term masochist is derived from the name of Austrian writer Leopold von...

What are the psychological causes of masochism?

Causes. There is no universally accepted theory explaining the root of sexual masochism. However, some theories attempt to explain the presence of sexual paraphilias in general. One theory suggests that paraphilias originate because inappropriate sexual fantasies are suppressed, and they become stronger as they are forbidden.

What is the definition of masochist?

MASOCHISM. is a psychological condition whereby an individual obtains pleasure or enjoys the experience of feeling pain whether inflicted by themselves, a partner or another unknown individual. MASOCHISM: "Masochism is where an individual will obtain sexual gratification from feeling pain irrespective of how it is generated.".

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