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Frequently Asked Questions

What are causes of masochism?

Causes of Sexual Masochism. The exact causes of sexual masochism are not known, but many believe they stem around problems developed in adolescence, with some people who were sexually abused being a little more apt to have problems with this disorder.

What is another word for Masochist?

masochist | definition: someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment | synonyms: degenerate, pervert, deviant, flagellant, deviate| antonyms: sadist, better ...

What is the sentence for Masochist?

Masochist in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb...) 1) Anybody who enjoys this is a masochist. 2) A masochist could think of no finer way to spend the months until November. 3) What do you think, I'm a masochist?

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