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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Masonite fireproof?

Masonite, a type of particle board used for housing elements like siding and doors, isn't fire-resistant. However, the Masonite company (which produces the material) sells doors that can be modifie...

Where to buy Masonite doors?

Where to Buy. WHERE TO BUY A MASONITE DOOR? Masonite doors are available through thousands of local dealers and home centers. To locate a Masonite dealer or home center near you, simply key in your zip/postal code into the space provided, click search and we’ll provide a list of dealers and home centers in your area.

Is Masonite fire rated?

Masonite makes a wide variety of 1-3/4" thick interior doors that are available with a 20-minute fire rating. Several interior doors are also available with a fire rating of 45-, 60- or 90-minutes in duration.

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