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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between interior and exterior doors?

Perhaps the most crucial difference between interior and exterior door happens inside of the door. Based on purpose, each door type requires a different insulation levels. Varying levels of durability are required. INTERIOR: Most interior doors have no insulation at all, and are often completely hollow inside.

What are Masonite doors made of?

Masonite door is a frame covered by MDF with decorative trim. A frame is most often made of soft wood sticks, such as pine. Durable wood is wedged in the places of potential fixing a lock and a handle. An inner filling is of the form of cellular cardboard material.

Who makes Masonite doors?

Masonite Doors: Practicality and Variety. Masonite is a widely used composite building material that was developed in the 1920s by William H. Mason. Mason was an engineer and an inventor. He created a composite wood manufactured from wood chips that are formed using steam to create long fibers.

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