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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Masonite door parts?

Shop Masonite door parts at DIY Door Store and find everything you need all in one place. We carry a variety of Masonite door parts including bottom sweeps, weather stripping, hinges, frames, and more. Browse our inventory today and contact our professional staff with any questions you may have.

Why choose 2masonite interior doors?

2 MASONITE¨INTERIOR DOORS transform your home& !nd your unique style EXPOª masonite MasoniteÕs distinct categories make it easy to !nd the doors that match your unique style. For 90 years, Masonite has been committed to creating quality products that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

What kind of door is Masonite Craftsman 6 Lite?

Create an inviting, stylish entryway with the Masonite Craftsman 6 Lite Primed Smooth Fiberglass Entry Door with Brickmold featuring a clear glass design, and the exceptional durability of a fiberglass door. Engineered to last a lifetime, these high-performance smooth surface doors feature high-definition profiles for added architectural interest.

What are mirror doors from Masonite?

Masonite Vanity Mirror Doors are like 2 doors in one with a mirror on one side and full panel design on the other. Bring tranquility to your home with durable, solid core interior doors from Masonite. Engineered to be environmentally friendly, Solidoor™ Doors offer true peace of mind.

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