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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Masonite doors manufactured?

Masonite International Corporation is a company headquartered in Tampa, Florida, which employs over nine thousand people worldwide. Masonite manufactures interior and exterior doors, door components, and door entry systems. It is one of the world's largest manufacturer and merchandiser of commercial and residential doors.

What are Masonite doors made of?

Masonite door is a frame covered by MDF with decorative trim. A frame is most often made of soft wood sticks, such as pine. Durable wood is wedged in the places of potential fixing a lock and a handle. An inner filling is of the form of cellular cardboard material.

What are masonite boards?

Masonite® board is a composite wood product that is similar to hardboard or fiberboard. It is sold in sheets like plywood or particle board, but is constructed quite differently from these products. This product is made using shredded wood chips, which are heated and mixed to form fine wood fibers.

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