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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Masonite door parts?

Shop Masonite door parts at DIY Door Store and find everything you need all in one place. We carry a variety of Masonite door parts including bottom sweeps, weather stripping, hinges, frames, and more. Browse our inventory today and contact our professional staff with any questions you may have.

How do you cut a Masonite door?

Cut a Masonite door using a circular saw equipped with a finish blade that has 40 or more teeth. Inspect the cut portion to make sure the wood inserts that surround the entire outer edge of the door are still intact for re-installation. Place the Masonite door on a flat work surface such as a pair of saw horses or a table.

Why Masonite interior doors?

Why Masonite Interior Doors? Create a look that flows seamlessly from room to room. Masonite is the leading provider of trend-forward looks and timeless designs, crafting distinctive styles that complement any home and personal taste.

Why choose Masonite®?

When you've been crafting finishing elements for more than 90 years, it can be tough to find a partner that shares your attention to detail and commitment to quality. Masonite® has consistently built high-quality, durable doors for years.

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