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Frequently Asked Questions

What is standard size of Masonite sheet?

Masonite is widely used in construction, particularly in renovations where floors are finished prior to other work and require protection. Sheets of 1⁄8 -or- 1⁄4 -inch (3.2 or 6.4 mm) Masonite are typically laid over red rosin paper on finished floors to protect them.

What is Masonite used for?

Masonite is primarily sold as a sheet product in both untempered and tempered forms. Perforated Masonite sheets are often used as pegboards for hanging tools and other products. Masonite sheets also find use as flooring underlayment and for the outer finished surfaces of doors.

What do you use Masonite for?

Masonite is used extensively in the construction of sets for theater and film and television. It is especially common in theaters as the stage floor, painted matte black. It is considered one of the best materials for making a musical wobble board.

What thickness does Masonite come in?

Since Masonite is actually made up of many natural materials, it is also a fairly environmentally friendly decision to make as well. Masonite comes in either 7/16th inch or ½ inch thicknesses, with lap siding available in lengths are long as 16 feet with panel available in 4 ft by 9 ft lengths.

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